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This is going to be fun, promise, but more importantly, it's going to be only 75 min.

Pocket Universe TGYTT TLS Final-17.jpg

Putting together something this unhinged? ...a team effort.

Written by Alyssa May Gold

Directed by Molly Clifford

Lighting Design by Marcy Barbeau

Scenic Design by: Cate McCrea

Production Stage Manger: Molly Pair

Line Producer: Leah Vicencio

Photos by: Ashley Garrett

House Manager: Sarah Connolly

Want to keep the momentum going?

DON'T READ THIS RIGHT NOW wait til--oh ok you're still reading, ok so no pressure, but if you decide there's something to this theory and want to keep it going, The Girl You Talk To is powered by word of mouth, and tax-deductible donations you can make here:

And if you decide, "that was literally the most unhinged thing I've ever heard this girl must be stopped," if you just don't spread the word or donate, that will... take care of itself!

Ok see you in a few!!

Pocket Universe TGYTT TCT Final-6.jpg
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