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June 21 - July 9, 2023

is Alyssa May Gold's pitch for the possibility that Jesus was in fact a woman, via her own personal account of being told she was running out of time to have children, her semi-working knowledge of Roman Catholicism from 17 years of Sunday school, and some… extensive late night googling. After months of honing her argument and practicing on her friends, she's ready for the big leagues-- a small theater inside a church on the Upper West Side. Is she unhinged or is she a prophet? You tell her. 


No really*









*Please help.

The West End Theater
at St. Paul & St. Andrew UMC

263 West 86th Street, 2nd floor


directed by

lighting designer

Marcy Barbeau

scenic designer

stage manager

Molly Pair

line producer

Leah Vicencio

The Girl You Talk To contains candid ruminations on sex & physiology using ceaselessly irreverent language.

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